An image collection for marketing and employer branding, highlighting the creative and young team behind high-tech 3D-bio-printers.

ClientRegenhu Ltd.Year2020 + 2021

Regenhu develops and produces innovative 3D-printers for scientific and medical applications in a small rural village outside of Fribourg. These high-tech machines are used to additively print structures combined with biological media, cells and other substances. Applications for these 3D printers include tissue engineering, medical research, regenerative medicine, and the production of small quantities of pills for personalized medicine.

This assignment was particularly interesting for me: working with the employees, who are passionate about their work, always results in exciting and authentic photos. In addition, my own background in cell biology and research gave me an easy and special access to the subject, the technology and the people behind.

The resulting image pool is used on Regenhu’s website, in marketing and communications as well as in employer branding.

employees at work

Corporate and Employer Branding Photography - high-tech innovations Switzerland.
corporate photo: Coding at the screen - employer conversation - image pool
Technology engineering and development photos, Zurich Basel Switzerland
High-tech and innovation photography - employee at work.
Employee engineering high-tech instrument. Technology and industrial photography.
Employee assembling electronic high-tech instrument. Technology and industrial photography.
high-tech corporate and industrial production photo with employee
Service and assembly of 3D printer - employee at work.
Employer-branding - Teamwork at computer
meeting at office desc - employer branding
team meeting, employer branding - corporate photography Switzerland, Zurich

The entire photo production included multiple photos of each employee in work situations and meetings. By spending time with every team member, real world photos at work were the result. This contributes to the marketing efforts by building trust through authenticity.

We also arranged individual portrait sessions. A key part of the concept was to give each employee room for individuality while still having a common look. This led us to the seated portraits processed in black and white.

authenticblack & white portraits

While the main focus was on people and portrait photography, we also produced a series of product images:

product photography

Industrial & Technology Photography, 3D Printer
product photo - high-tech engineering
Clean product photo of laminar hood with 3d bio printer on white background - photographer Switzerland