Architecture Photography: Over 200 years of history in Gutenswil

Just over 200 years ago, a fire burned down most of Gutenswil, a small village not far from Zurich. 14 buildings were destroyed and only 3 survived the catastrophe. They were later listed and parts of these buildings are protected as cultural heritage.

One of these buildings, a farmhouse with attached barn, was left empty for years. It’s situated on a nice, centrally located plot of land. Our client projekt1618 AG has bought the house to dismantle it carefully and rebuild it unter the specific guidelines of the monument protection. Using traditional building techniques, combined with modern architecture, a new residential property with four units will be created.

At the start of the project and before dismantling, I was assigned to photograph the house as a testimony to the past with its countless facets and the impressive traces of bygone times.